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HYPERTROPHY NUTRITION EUROPE S.L. is constituted in the year 2010 with the purpose of unifying the companies of the group ONUBASPORT under same management. The main goal was to improve our customer service and to enhance our international projection, both in the field of sports nutrition and in the personal care sector, which are our main areas of activity.

Our specialization in sports nutrition allows us to face large projects with a guarantee of professionalism and quality.

Our manufacturing base is in Europe to facilitate an optimum food safety environment. Our manufacturing service is in total compliance with EU legislation, ensuring a rapid production, distribution and quality for our customers.



Invictus has been developed taking into account the needs of sportsmen.

Invictus is committed to the high performance so it offers premium quality formulations to cover the demanding needs of the different sport disciplines.

Soul Project

Soul Project strives to produce distinctive, affordable, premium-quality products while making every effort to anticipate ever-changing customer needs and meet the demands of a dynamic market with innovative products, effective support materials, and unsurpassed service.


Hypertrophy Nutrition

Hypertrophy Nutrition is one of the brands that has grown the most in present years in Europe. Hypertrophy differentiates itself by using the best ingridients and raw materials oh the hightest quality. Their products have been created specifically to meet the needs of the most demandings consumers.

Natural Health

Natural Health is the new line of Hypertrophy Nutrition. It is born to supply the needs of the strictest costumers who look for natural products and ingredients.
Try this new brand and get to know all our products.



One of the first brands of its kind in Spain, Menufitness cooks weekly menus designed by nutritionists for each consumer.
The way Menufresh works is easy, through our web you can select among different dishes that have been designed by our nutritionists for every day to help you with your sport goals. You will have it at home so you don't haver to worry or counting calories.

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Hypertrophy Nutrition puts also at your disposal our laboratory services, offering the opportunity to manufacture the products that you want. With certification ISO 9001, we guarantee the quality of our raw materials and maximum quality results. We have a professional team highly qualified and trained to give you a first class service. We are distinguished by our reliability and personalized attention, and the excellent performance of our work.

Customized formulations:

We develop projects for companies interested in creating a new brand within nutraceutical, phytotherapy and sport nutrition industry.
To do this, we focus exclusively on the standards defined by our clients for every project, developing a market study, a scientific report based on clinical studies of the active ingredients used, a marketing plan and a further galenic study to adapt the products to high performance formulations in order to give us clinical real results.

  • Nutraceutical marketing department: for the development of labels, catalogues, websites, etc. in compliance with current legislation.

  • Registration department: where our specialists take care of the legal procedures in order to provide the registration of the corresponding products involved in the project.

  • R + D + I Department: where we not only determine the formula for each product, but also the specific laboratory tests needed in order to maximize the quality of our formulations from a galenic point of view.

Crosstraining Mazagon
Crosstraining Mazagon
Natural Health
American Quality

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